Danielle and Michael's vacation begins with an afternoon trip to the oncologist's office at UCSF. Left to right: Claire Kelley gets a heartbeat; Danielle gets none; Mike gets serious again.
After all the medical excitement, Danielle and Mike headed to Napa, where they sampled the wine, the root beer and the mud. Left to right: Mike in the thick of it at Dr. Wilkinson's spa in Calistoga, California; Danielle getting a full treatment; Danielle in Napa as C.C. Rider--or Erik Estrada?

After a few days of relaxation, Mike and Danielle fly to Portland, Oregon, to visit with friends. Left to right: At Rachel Walchak's house with Josh, Danielle, Molly Bishop, Jennifer Green and Roberta Steiner; Jennifer, Alicia McDade, Danielle and Jojo Yamada.

Everyone decides to head to The Alibi for a bit of Polynesian-style karaoke. Left to right: Danielle brings down the house with "Bust A Move"; Maggie and Jennifer look on.

Left to right: Danielle, Rachel, Josh and Jennifer at a cafe in Portland; Danielle and Jennifer at the Alibi.

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