Above left and right: At Fort Funston, Danielle gets some good love from Susie Levitsky, Jessica Klaitman, Libby Lewis and Mila.
Above left: Susie, Jessica and Libby get their cameras out. Above right: A picnic of cheese, olives, grapes, strawberries, oranges and good crusty bread.
Above left: Danielle and Libby say "argh". Above right: Mila holds up the camera, aims and shoots.
Above left and right: Maggie Bergin arrives in San Francisco and joins the Smith reunion mid-picnic.
Above left and right: Danielle decides it's time for her to take some pictures too.
Above left: Wait, how does this thing work? Above right: Susie strikes a glamorous pose.
Above left: Libby gets mad because Mila won't let her take a picture with her in it. Above right: Susie relaxes after lunch.
Above left: Susie, Jessica, Libby, Danielle and Mila. Above right: Libby and Danielle.
Above left: Libby takes pictures with her litle Russian camera. Above right Danielle gets a backrub.
Above left: Jessica takes a nap in the sun. Above right The view from Fort Funston.
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