Above, left to right: Danielle eats some Pop Rocks from Libby. Why not? Libby models the sporty hat Danielle's dad brought her.

Above, left and right: Joey and Danielle spend a quiet morning coloring. Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. Spooky.

Above, left to right: Danielle with Anita, her RN from Visiting Nurses; Danielle and Shelley Arnold.

Above, left to right: Jeanette Vesper and her daughter, who has good taste in ice cream; Danielle sings a little Journey for her friends. Don't stop believing.

Above, left to right: Cindy, Mila and Danielle after a fierce game of dominoes; Libby, Jessica, Jeanette, Grace and Danielle reminisce about days at Smith over a few pints of Herrell's ice cream.

Above, left to right: Danielle and Mila; Danielle with Mary Fortuna and Chris Kuser, who drove up from LA for a visit and brought Atlantis and Jay and Silent Bob to watch. Danielle was singing Jungle Love all night. I guess you have to see the movie.

Above, left and right: Danielle makes her way down Church street in style, accompanied by Jessica, Libby and Nicholette.

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