Above, left to right: Danielle and Joey display several of the many items she just couldn't part with (but let's face it, if you had a Smurf pencil holder, you'd want to bring that with you too, wouldn't you?); Jon and Tami set up Danielle's stereo at Zen Hospice.

Above, left to right: Cindy, Jon, Danielle, Tami and Karuna discover the park next to the hospice; Pippa takes a break from carrying boxes to sit with Danielle.

Above, left to right: Karuna and Cindy with Dave, who is clearly impersonating a smiley face cookie; the rest of the batch.

Above, left to right: Joey uses up the last roll of film.

Above, left to right: Dave, Karuna, Cindy and Danielle all settled in at Danielle's new pad.

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