From Mila: When Jonathan Friedman first came from L.A. to visit, he brought am armload of daffodils and five bags of vegan cookies. When he came up a second time, I told him not to worry about bringing anything else. Nonetheless, when he and I went shopping for Danielle at Whole Foods, Jonathan snuck an entire cherry pie on the conveyor belt, and sheepishly grinned when I asked him what the pie was for. He replied, "I know. I know. No more presents. Just let me buy her one little cherry pie. Please. Please." And because I'm always too bossy with him, I said yes although I knew there were three pints of Ben and Jerry's and several boxes of cookies back at the hospice. Turns out the pie was just the thing. Danielle ate two pieces in the garden with Jonathan's help, and finished the entire thing the next day. Well, she had a little help, I guess. And yes, it was good.

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