From Mila: The day Stephanie Jacobson and Dithy Morrison arrived was sunny and mild. Karuna Jaggar and Cindy Pugh came by to say hellp as well, so Danielle decided to take everyone for a picnic at Fort Funston, her new favorite place by the water. But first, a stop at for coffee was in order, and then, of course, a trip to Savor to pick up lunch. The weather held, and we spent the afternoon on the observation deck at Fort Funston, watching the hang gliders, eating crepes, listening to the ocean, and napping.
Above, left to right: Cindy Pugh, Danielle and Stephanie Jacobson order coffee at the Laguna Street Cafe; Danielle and Stephanie waiting for takeout at Savor.

Above, left to right: Stephanie, Dithy, Danielle and Karuna; Cindy, Danielle and Karuna's dog.

Above, left to right: Stephanie, Danielle, Karuna, Cindy and Dithy; Danielle asks Mila, yet again, why she always takes pictures from wierd angles.

Above, left and right: Mila and Stephanie prepare to follow Danielle's lead and take a nap; Karuna and Cindy lie in the sun.

Above, left and right: Stephanie, Dithy, Mila, Danielle and Karuna after lunch; Danielle and Dithy; Cindy and the dog.

Above, left and right: Dithy and Danielle; Danielle and Mila.

Above, left and right: A very nice couple came along and offered to take a few pictures of all of us.

Above, left and right: Danielle and Mila; back at the hospice, Danielle rests and gets a good hug from Dithy.

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