From Mila: Danielle was really sad not to be able to attend her friend Rudy Pakravan's wedding in Los Angeles this weekend. Her health had deteriorated to the point that the trip would have been too taxing on her body. So, to cheer her up, Joey, Kate, Susan and I took her out for a swank dinner in San Francisco. We all dressed up in our nicest clothes, and enjoyed a fabulous meal in the semi-private room at 2223 on Market Street. We all started out with a cocktail and appetizers, then had entrees and plenty of desserts. Afterward, we headed to Kate and Susan's for a little after-dinner music. As you can see, Danielle looked absolutely fabulous.
Above: Danielle and Mila get ready to step out for an evening on the town.
Above: Mila, Joey, Kate, Danielle and Susan with cocktails and appetizers.
Above: Danielle and her two desserts.
Above: What do you mean, you want a bite?
Above: Danielle decides to share with Kate and Susan.
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