Danielle's memorial celebration at the Log Cabin in the Presidio, June 21, 2002

A toast from Kate Manning: What I want to say to everyone here is that we are, all of us together, an emblem of what Danielle made and of what she wanted. Back in December, when she was looking forward to her next surgery and wasn't sure what kind of condition she'd be in afterward, or if she'd make it, she sat with some of us at dinner and told us what she wanted for her memorial service. She was pretty clear. She even picked all the songs! We said, "Wow, Danielle, you're going to DJ your own funeral? That's pretty amazing." And she did. It was clear that she wanted everyone to come together and be really sad and to grieve the loss of her. But then afterward, she wanted us to come together and celebrate the life of her. I want to thank all of you for being her to do that with me.

Above, left to right: Claire Kelley poses in front of the banner she made--and managed to hang--for Danielle's memorial service; the bagpiper warms up on the lawn; Tony Cross and Zoe Keating set up the sound equipment for the ceremony.

Above, left to right: Jonathan Slavin drops an entire cheese platter in the parking lot, and Joey is quick to point out he didn't do it; Jonathan decides he might have better luck hanging paper lanterns with Danica Suskin--and he does.

Above, left to right: Aimee Gross, Kendra Lubalin and Cindy Pugh sit back for a moment; Zoe and Joey.

Above, left to right: Susan Baker, looking like she might be up to something, with Mila and Kate Manning; Michael and Jody, suspicious of what might be next.

Above, left to right: Zoe and TKTKT tktktkt take a rest after finishing their birthday cake; Kendra, Claire, Susan and Joey discuss the merits of break dancing.

Above, left to right: The ice cream sundae bar, a most fitting way to honor Danielle; Mary Koopman pays tribute; Claire and Joey wait their turn.

Above, left to right: Mila and Joey; Suzie Levitsky and Jessica Klaitman take a look at artwork that was inspired by the letters Danielle posted on this website.

Above, left to right: A table of friends from the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, where Danielle worked when she moved to San Francisco; a table of friends from SquareTrade, where she worked immediately after.

Above, left to right: Karuna, Dave and Dylan look at their handiwork (they hung all the Christmas lights); David looks at mobiles of pictures of Danielle, which are strung throughout the room.

Above, left to right: Danielle's peeps from Smith College; and a table representing her Evanston Township High School posse.

Above, left to right: Jonathan Slavin and Mila; Joey, Kendra and Claire.

Above, left and right: Pictures of Danielle are hung in all the windows and doorways around the room; thanks to everyone who sent some to Karuna and Mila.

Above, left to right: Joey, Mary Koopman and Mila; Kendra, Aimee and Mila.

Above, left to right: Sandy ordered a yellow cake with strawberry filling, Danielle's favorite. Everyone sings Happy Birthday and helps to blow out the candles. Bryan Bowman and Aimee Gross set up the sound equipment inside.

Above, left to right: Susie Levitsky, Libby Lewis and Grace Han; Elizabeth and Doug Tisdahl.

Above, left to right: Kate Manning; Amy Todd and Melissa Goldberg, the sundae fixins ladies, take in the photos; Jane Morris decides it's time to get serious.

Above, left to right: Cindy gets a hug; not to be outdone by Jane, Joey takes a walk across the room on his hands; Jane, Jessica and Libby try unsuccessfully to teach Mila the electric slide (it doesn't help that Jane is doing it turbo hip-hop style).

Above, left to right: Aimee and Kendra at the DJ station; Aimee and Kendra dancing; Tony Cross watches from the sidelines.

Above, left to right: Aimee and Jane; Zoe decides to show off some moves too; Aimee in full force.

Above, left to right: Jonathan and Tony slow things down a bit; Joey and Jane counter with an Irish gig...

Above, left to right: ...and then some serious break dancing moves. Who would have expected this from a computer programmer and a doctor? Nice.

Above, left to right: Cindy tries the windmill...with a little assistance; Stephanie Jacobsen, Claire, Kendra and Kate join in.

Above, left to right: Aimee let's the CDs play so she can stay busy on the dance floor; Kate, Claire and, especially, Amy come up with some moves of their own.

Above, left to right: And soon everyone is dancing; well, almost everyone--sometimes it's good to just stand back and watch.

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