Above, left to right: Pictures from the pride parade, taken by Jodi Sperber.

Above, left to right: Danielle, Claire Kelly, Pippa Shulman, and Jo Laurence celebrate post-parade at Kate Manning and Susan Baker's apartment; Jo, Danielle, Claire, and Pippa ready to take names.
Below: Danielle and Melissa Goldberg watch as events unfold; Jodi documents a fire dance...of sorts. (Jodi says Danielle has a thing for the fire department)
Above, left to right: Danielle and Pippa Schulman at the Dyke March; Danielle and friends.

Above: Danielle and Dithy take to the streets.

Above, left to right: Danielle gets her chemo treatment at UCSF; Dithy Morrison and Pippa Schulman keep her company.

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