A benefit for Danielle at Hecky's in Evanston. Above, left to right: Diane, Judy, Trina, Laine and Kathy gear up for their big karaoke number; Kara, Jody and Mike opt to hang back at the bar; Mila, Joey, Trina and Sam.

Above, left and right: David shows off a few Smiffenpoofs CDs; Karen and Joey do a little number; Mike tries to figure out how to hook up the karaoke machine (does this go to 11?).

Above, left to right: Pat and Sue kick things off with Summer Lovin'; Kara, looking very pregnant and glamorous in red; Joey and Pat discover their mutual admiration for John Denver.

Above, left and right: Pat does a little fundraising; Trina, Mila and Danielle bring it on home; many beers later, this group still can't get up the nerve to do a song.

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