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Missing you especially today Thanksgiving, The holiday has never been the same without you. Love you forever.
USA   - November 22, 2018 -- 10:21:12 am -- (EST)
Danielle: Your wise words are needed during this election. We are in a horrible mess. I wish you were here to guide us. Love you and miss you.
Your Friend  
USA   - November 06, 2018 -- 1:58:45 am -- (EST)
Happy Halloween!! I hope that some how you are able to watch your youngest nephew and niece go Trick or Treating. I remember all of the wonderful Halloween's that you enjoyed. Your first costume was a clown and you were adorable. Love you and miss you.
USA   - October 31, 2018 -- 10:53:15 am -- (EDT)
I wish with all my heart that you could be here to celebate the New Year with me.
L'SHANA TOVA - 5779 I miss you.
USA   - September 09, 2018 -- 10:25:37 am -- (EDT)
I am remembering Labor Day's from the past. You were about three years old and wearing a life jacket when you jumped off the low diving board into the pool at Fiddelman's Resort. You loved being in the pool. When you got older you gave up the life jacket and graduated to diving off the high board. Miss you so much.
USA   - September 03, 2018 -- 12:40:18 pm -- (EDT)
Missing YOU!!!
USA   - July 06, 2018 -- 5:16:26 am -- (EDT)

️Today is Danielle's 45th Birthday 🎂 She had a wonderful and very interesting life filled with more friends than any one I know. Everywhere she went she made friends 🙋‍♀️ and always stayed in touch with them by ✍️📞💻. Danielle made a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her lifetime ⚾🏆🥁🎶🎸🏉🎨💽 🎤👩‍🎓👩‍🏭🚗🌏. Although she died 5 days before her 29th birthday she managed to do most of them. Her bright light 🕯️went out way to early but today I will celebrate 🎉the wonderful day she was born. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE!! I love you to the moon and back. ❤️ You will always be our SUPER STAR.
USA   - June 21, 2018 -- 11:59:39 am -- (EDT)
Happy 45th Birthday. I miss your smiling face.
A friend from Evanston  
USA   - June 21, 2018 -- 11:31:29 am -- (EDT)
I looked through photographs of us today. Happy Birthday. I love and miss you always.
USA   - June 21, 2018 -- 10:32:38 am -- (EDT)

On June 16, 2002, at around 5 AM in San Francisco, California the world lost one of its brightest stars. Danielle left behind family and friends who carry on her spirit. She was an amazing person who had more love and compassion than anyone I know and she shared that love with everyone she met. If you were a friend of hers you were a friend for life. She never forgot anyone and I believe no one whose life she touched has forgotten her. I will always be proud to have been her mother and will love her to the moon and back forever.
USA   - June 16, 2018 -- 1:42:26 am -- (EDT)
Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was remembering all the Mother's Day's in the past when you would call, send cards and gifts. I miss you, there is a part of my heart that will never heal.
USA   - May 14, 2018 -- 8:34:39 am -- (EDT)
Remembering the Easter egg hunts we had in the back yard and when the weather was to cold we held them in the house. Happy memories of you. Love you.
USA   - April 01, 2018 -- 1:19:41 am -- (EDT)
Last night was the first night of Passover and I was remembering the last seder we shared. It was at the Zen Hospice in their dinning room and despite you being so sick we all had a magical evening. You are missed and loved.
USA   - March 31, 2018 -- 9:30:00 am -- (EDT)
Today, student across America are Marching to ban guns. These students are amazing. One of the leaders remind me of you. I know if you were here you would be marching with them. I miss you and your widsom.
USA   - March 24, 2018 -- 8:12:30 am -- (EDT)
Iím listening to the soundtrack for A Wrinkle In Time and thinking how much you would have loved it. Sade with her beautiful magick and so many powerful Female Artists on this album. Miss you to the Moon.
Richmond,   VA   USA   - March 10, 2018 -- 11:12:36 am -- (EST)
If you were with us you would be leading the women's march today.
USA   - January 20, 2018 -- 10:04:15 am -- (EST)
I still don't understand or accept how it is that you are not with us on this planet. Loving you wherever you are.
USA   - January 10, 2018 -- 1:52:45 am -- (EST)
I wish that you were here with me so that I could say happy birthday to my dear friend.
A Friend  
USA   - June 21, 2017 -- 9:55:42 am -- (EDT)

44 years today at 2:30 PM a super star was born. Danielle Anne Drumke you are missed and loved by everyone who you came into contact with. I wish that you were with me today so that we could enjoy your special birthday cake (yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling, butter cream frosting with pink roses) from Tags in Evanston. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving, caring, funny daughter. Love you to the moon and back!!
USA   - June 21, 2017 -- 6:53:54 am -- (EDT)
Happy Birthday to my dearest and funniest friend. Miss YOU!
An Evanston Friend  
USA   - June 21, 2017 -- 6:51:53 am -- (EDT)
Bubbula! Sending you love and singing you another birthday medley. Miss you dear friend, but feel your push to stand up and resist everyday.
Wash,   DC   USA   - June 21, 2017 -- 4:56:12 am -- (EDT)
I want to think that you and Pop are celebrating Father's Day together. Love you!!
USA   - June 18, 2017 -- 1:59:07 am -- (EDT)
15 years have passed since the morning of June 16, 2002, when the world lost one of itís super stars. Danielle Anne left us way too early, she had so much more to share. I am thinking of how she would be leading protests against the way this country is heading and sharing her idea to make this a better and safer world. I see her spirit, energy and drive in her nieces, Kayla and Lillian and her nephews Dylan, Mathew, Max and Luca. There is not a day that goes by that she is not thought off by myself, her family and the members of her large tribe. We all march on using Danielle as our inspiration.
IIL   USA   - June 16, 2017 -- 2:04:36 am -- (EDT)
I keep waiting for the phone to ring and for you to say happy Mother's Day Mom. I could always count on you to remember every occasion. I miss you so much. Love you to the moon and back.
USA   - May 14, 2017 -- 11:55:24 am -- (EDT)
Thinking of you and remembering past Passovers and Easters. Miss you and love you forever.
USA   - April 16, 2017 -- 9:40:04 am -- (EDT)
Home Sweet Tags. Branching out from the smiley face cookies for a new generation, while remaining rooted in the loving memory of my dear friend Danielle Drumke. She and Zoe would have been fast friends.

An old friend from Evanston  
USA   - April 12, 2017 -- 12:45:01 pm -- (EDT)
I'm up this morning thinking about you. My dearest cousin lost her 7 year battle with breast cancer yesterday at 41. Two of the brightest stars in my life are gone. I can see both your smiles and joyful love and laughter shimmering down upon us. I miss you both like crazy.
Richmond ,   VA   USA   - April 04, 2017 -- 5:40:00 am -- (EDT)
beautiful smile! what a force!
tyrus wilson
venice,   CA   United States   - March 24, 2017 -- 2:41:38 am -- (EDT)
Missing you today!
an old friend  
USA   - March 09, 2017 -- 2:18:59 am -- (EST)
Lillian now has your baseball glove and is hoping to play Little League just like her Aunt Danielle.
USA   - March 05, 2017 -- 11:27:24 am -- (EST)
Danielle, I marched in New York with Mila and Joey, your nephew and niece on Saturday. You were with us in spirit and your picture was on the poster that I carried. I will always remember the protest marches that we attended together. I miss you and l will love you forever my sweet child.
USA   - January 24, 2017 -- 8:52:23 am -- (EST)
Beautiful winter snow last night. Remembering the time we made snow angels. Miss you, love you.
USA   - December 11, 2016 -- 11:07:19 am -- (EST)
Finished putting up the tree last night. It was like you were here with me as I hung all of your ordimendts starting with the ones you made in pre school. Miss you.
USA   - December 08, 2016 -- 11:22:09 am -- (EST)
Thinking of you today more than usual. I will always remember how you would call me to wish me happy birthday. I miss you. Love you forever.
USA   - December 04, 2016 -- 8:51:01 am -- (EST)
I am thinking of all the Thanksgivings spent with you and remembering how you always named the turkey. I miss you so very much. Love you.
USA   - November 24, 2016 -- 9:21:46 am -- (EST)
Danielle, we need your guidance, wish you were here with us to help us figure out this new political scene.
An Evanston Friend  
USA   - November 15, 2016 -- 11:36:48 am -- (EST)
I sure could use a Danielle smile this week after the horrible election results.
USA   - November 12, 2016 -- 11:26:06 am -- (EST)
Danielle, I hope that you and Dad are celebrating together the CUBS won the World Series last night. I wish that both of you had been able to watch the game with the family. You are missed. Love you!
USA   - November 03, 2016 -- 11:27:01 am -- (EDT)
Danielle you did, CUB win the world series after 108 years. Thank you!!
Your Chicago Friend  
Chicago,   IL   USA   - November 03, 2016 -- 1:39:07 am -- (EDT)
Can you do it again? Watch out for the CUBBIES so that they can win tonight. Tonight is the big one. Counting on your help from above.
Your Chicago Friend  
Chicago,   IL   USA   - November 02, 2016 -- 12:04:31 pm -- (EDT)