Below are the eulogies that were delivered at Danielle's memorial services in both San Francisco and Chicago.
1. Ronald Drumke**2. Sandra Drumke**3. Michael Drumke**4. David Drumke**5. Mila Drumke**6. Krista Wathne**7. Elizabeth Ambrose**8. Jonathan Liss**9. Douglas Tisdahl

Below are some of the thoughts and stories friends and family shared at Danielle's memorial services, along with those that have been sent to me since.
1. Susan Baker**2. Aimee Gross**3. Jane Morris**4. Corry Dodson**5. Pippa Shulman**6. Cindy Pugh**7. Stephanie Jacobson**8. Jonathan Slavin**9. Rachel Mueller**10. Alicia McDaid**11. Darci Palmquist and Rassamee Bryan**12. Jessica Klaitman** 13. Rudebeh Pakravan**14. Joey Fortuna**15. Elizabeth MacLaughlin**16. Dylan Drumke**17. Debra Sue Kelvin**18. Steven Berlin**19. Sue Roupp**20. Grace Han**21. Christine Munro**22. Allyson Fisch **23. Becky Green **24. Victor Manuel Rivera
**25. Sandy Drumke **26. Jen Anderson

Thank yous
From Mila: Joey and I left San Francisco on the morning of June 24th with heavy hearts. Not only were we leaving Danielle and her beloved city, we were leaving behind all of her friends, whom we had grown to love so much. Kate Manning and Susan Baker met us early in the morning for coffee and took us to the airport, where we picked up our rental car and eventually waved goodbye. As we sped toward L.A. listening to Danielle's George Michael CD at full volume, I started smiling. Joey asked what I was thinking about, and I told him I was composing the most incredible list in my head. Here it is.

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