Alicia McDaid
The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
June 21, 2002

I'm Alicia, and I'm a karaoke addict.

[Everyone responds, "Hi, Alicia"]

The first time I did karaoke was at the WW2 Club. I got in with a fake ID. Danielle roped me into singing "Angel is the Centerfold" with her. I was terrified, and she was working the crowd. We were also in the Smiffenpoofs together. She was this shining-amazing-percussionist-human-beatbox person and it was really great. I have this other memory of her from rehearsal: There was a lull, and she was laying on the floor, looking at her hand, and she said, "Isn't it amazing, sometimes, like, that I have a hand and I'm looking at it?"

It's just these little moments, these high points, that I wanted to share. Thanks.

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