Allyson Fisch
San Francisco, CA
July 30, 2002

My name is Allyson Fisch. When I met Danielle and her mom and dad, I was a student nurse at UCSF during Danielle's first hospital admission when she received her diagnosis. Being that I was new at being a nurse and Danielle was BY FAR the most outrageous patient under my care yet, I was scared yet eager to be there to support her through what I knew would be a difficult process. She taught me many valuable lessons about accomodating different patient personalities that I continue to carry through my career. I have been keeping track of Danielle through the website and I have had all of you in my thoughts. As a former employee of Hospice by the Bay and Zen Hospice, I was so relieved to know that she was able to spend her last days there with such incredible nurses, staff, friends and family. What a perfect place for her. I always felt like Zen had so much character that was heavily dependent on the residents of the house. I know that Danielle will be a Zen legend.

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