Corry Dodson
The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
June 21, 2002

Hi, my name is Corry Dodson. I went to school mostly in California but I fanagled this exchange program where I got to go to U Mass and take classes at Smith, which was my ultimate dream. When I got to the East Coast, I did all this research because I was only going to get two classes at Smith in my whole life. I think I had gone on the school tour and I had Aspects, a magazine in which they rate all the teachers. So I was sitting on campus, in the middle of the quad, it was mid-August, I think, when this little short-haired lady comes riding along on her bicycle, goes out the other end, comes back around, and eventually ends up on the bench next to me. She had copies of Spin and Rolling Stone, and she said, "Hi, I'm Danielle." Of course. And I said, "Hi, I'm Corrie." Although she couldn't tell me which classes I should take, she was like a breath of fresh air. I thought, "Wow, I have really landed somewhere. If everybody is like this, I'm going to be golden." Of course, there was never anyone else like her.

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