Grace Han
June 28, 2002

I recently came across an old notebook of mine from 1994. In it, I have notes from Preludes, a preorientation program at Smith. I was on the planning committee that year and had to interview upperclasswomen to fill the counselor positions. Anyway, the point is that I found some notes about each woman we interviewed--including Danielle. Danielle applied that year to be a Preludes counselor, and though I didn't interview her, the notes about her are all positive, of course! One funny comment about Danielle: "Perhaps she has TOO MUCH energy??" I don't know who interviewed her, but I thought it was hilarious. Danielle did indeed have too much energy, but that was one of things that made her so wonderful because it was so contagious. She was a revered Preludes counselor. Her group of entering students was just in awe of her magnetic personality. In fact, I think other first years were envious of those in Danielle's group.

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