Jen Anderson
January 28, 2004

This is an old Smith pal of Danielle's, Jen Anderson. I found these old pics of us together from that fateful AIDS Ride when Hurricane Fuckhead (or whatever they named it) rained on our parade.

I remember how surprised and happy I was to see Danielle on the crew. By day two it was clear to all of us that this ride was holding together only because of the unbelievably tireless crew. They were superhuman in their willingness to give all. None of them slept at ALL for three days. And they held us together with a smile and a song. Sound like anyone you know? At one point Danielle grabbed a megaphone and sang disco songs as we were unloading into our makeshift shelters. Boy, did that ride need people like her.

It's a nice memory of her. I miss her a lot. still. It sucks ass that she's not here.

Thanks for listening.

Top: Me and Danielle on the first night of the AIDS Ride. We had to sleep in the big gym, and they showed "Breaking Away" on the giant screens next to the scoreboard. I look horrific (it was a pretty stressful trip) but Danielle, of course, looks only a teeny bit weary.

Bottom: Here we are coming home to NYC. We both look much better!

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