Jessica Klaitman
The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
June 21, 2002

I am of the Smith group, and I have known Danielle since the beginning of my time at college. I can't even remember how we met. It seems it has just always been that way. The one characteristic I want to point out is this: As we all know, Danielle knows people from everywhere. When we went to Poland, she knew someone who knew someone, who went to Evanston, who went to a rock concert with this other person, and so on. When I was in Costa Rica, I met someone from Evanston who knew her. It was incredible how she always came up. But Danielle always made me and, I think, every one of us, feel so special. I mean, I knew she had all these friends, and I'm seeing all of you people here, but I always thought I was the BEST to Danielle and that we were the CLOSEST. And we were. And we are. And so are all of you.

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