Joey Fortuna
The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
June 21, 2002

I was talking to Mila about today and what it would be like to write something that spoke about Danielle's life, that described it to people. And since Mila was going to speak last, it seemed it would be tough to find something new to say, because there are only so many ways to describe something beautiful. You run out of adjectives. One of the things that has emerged in my mind, and it's not something new, is Danielle's ability to draw people in to her enthusiasm for life.

My brother is a businessman. My brother, when surrounded by a large group of people he doesn't know well, tends to stand back and make an early exit. So, at our wedding, there he was standing in the background, minding his own business, keeping his own counsel, chomping on a serious cigar, when Danielle wrested control of the microphone from the band and put on the song "I Believe in Miracles". You know the song, right? I believe in miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing?

So Danielle had complete control of the stage, and we were all having a great time watching her do her thing, just basking in the glow of her enthusiasm. And suddenly I turned around, and I saw my brother, my serious businessman brother with his cigar in his mouth, kind of walking forward through the crowd toward the stage. Everybody in my family got out of his way because something serious was about to happen. I mean, there was Kevin making his way toward the STAGE. There were two microphones. Danielle had one, and Kevin took the other and just planted himself right next to her, watching her. And every once in a while he'd take the cigar out of his mouth and shout, "That's what I'm talking about!"

Mila and I were in the back and we looked up from our champagne BONGS, basically, and started asking, "Was that, is that...Kevin? Wait. What the...." Even Danielle was, like, "I believe in...." [pause] "Go, Kevin! Go, Kevin!"

And if you remember, when she started that riff, the way it would always end was, "It's your birthday. It's your birthday."

So, Go, Danielle! Go, Danielle! It's your birthday. It's your birthday.

That's my memory.

Above, top to bottom: Joey, Cammie Sweeney and Danielle at Joey and Mila's wedding; Danielle and Kevin Fortuna singing "I Believe in Miracles"; Danielle and Kevin again.

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