Sandy Drumke
Brick Dedication Ceremony, The Cradle, Evanston, IL
August 31, 2003

I want to thank all of you for being here today to honor Danielle. The dedication ceremony is a Jewish tradition, and I am sure that Danielle is happy that we are all here together to dedicate this brick in her memory. At this point in the service we are asked to share some of our thoughts or memories of Danielle. I have chosen to speak to Danielle instead, but I am sure that she would not mind if you listened.


Not a day has gone by that I don't think of you. I drive by a place that you knew and it reminds me of you. I read a comic strip, a news story, or hear something on television, and I think, What would Danielle say about that? I miss talking to you and hearing your ideas on everyday and not-so-everyday events.

I will share just a few of my memories because there are so many. Remember when you had your ears pierced? You convinced me to get mine done at the same time and held my hand because you knew that I am afraid of needles. Thank you. I think about the fun we had on our trips to Disneyland and Washington, D.C., our trip to Greece and the college tours. Last night I was remembering my trip to San Diego when you were in Americorps. You decided that I should have an ice cream soda just like the ones back home, so we stopped at six ice cream shops on the way to the airport and never did find one that knew how to make them. But we laughed the entire time. You knew how to have fun doing anything, even something as simple as trying to find an ice cream soda.

About two months ago when I was watching some old movies of you I realized that you had the same superstar personality as a baby that you did throughout your life. I read that a person doesn't change who they basically are. I believe that this is true, and how fortunate we are that it is.

You faced your illness with great courage and fought so hard to beat it. In the end you taught all of us how to die with dignity. Before you died I promised you that I would be all right. I am trying very hard to keep that promise.

Keep shining, my bright and beautiful star.

I love you.


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