Rudebeh Pakravan
The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
June 21, 2002

Pippa Shulman introduces a game to find out the most remote place in which two of Danielle's friends have met coincidentally. Rudebeh Pakravan wins immediately and steps up to the mike to tell the story.

Rudy: Okay, I win. So the story is I am from Iran. I left when I was six, and I went back a few years ago on this great trip. While I was on a tour, there was another tour group with us that was almost all Germans except this one young woman who was half Iranian and was traveling with her grandmother.

So we're sitting in this little teahouse and there is this singing they have early in the morning, the call to prayer, in the background and donkeys and tea carts. The classic scene. I start talking to this girl, whom I've been on this tour with for several days. Finally she says, "Where are you from originally?" And I say, "Evanston." She says, "I have a really good friend from Evanston." I say. "Really?" "Yeah. Danielle Drumke." "What? No, no. Danielle Drumke is MY really good friend." And she says, "Wait a minute are you Danielle's OTHER Iranian friend? You're Rudy!"

If any of you are wondering who this woman was, her name is Kat Fotovat, and she's wonderful.

Above: Danielle and Rudy at Plaza Del Lago in Wilmette, Illinois, Thanksgiving 1998.

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