Victor Manuel Rivera
San Francisco, CA
September 24, 2002

I will keep Danielle in my prayers. I will also keep her in my thoughts far longer than that. I never got to know her as well as I wanted to. We worked together on the 3-Day and I saw her frequently when I was an office volunteer for the Walk. She always impressed me because of her unbeatable spirit. She always had a hug and a kind word for me or a joke to cheer me up with when I came in tired or depressed. We would sit in Abby's office and laugh so hard everyone else would come to see what was happening. What energy she had!

I will never forget her karaoke imitations or her slip on the wet stage in front of Kevin Honeycutt that cold night at Skyline College. Every time I see a karaoke hall here in Korea I remember her. What energy she had!

I have followed the website since it started and sent messages from time to time. Danielle's spirit really came through in the writings. She was much loved by all who knew her and I know she loved everyone. What energy she had!

I consider myself a deeply spiritual person, and though I no longer practise an organized religion, I have visions of Danielle's passing. I know she was borne away on the wings of angels, so to speak. What energy she still has!

I, for one, will miss her, yet I am comforted by the thought that her suffering has ended. Her courage and perseverance will always be an inspiration to me. I am privileged to have known her. What energy she still has!

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