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June 20, 2005: Beth Ambrose, Kate Manning, Susan Baker Manning, Maggie Bergin, Aimee Gross, Mila and Joey in Washington, DC, sorting through Danielle's correspondence.
06.16.04 Danielle at Zen Hospice with friends, April 2002
06.16.03 At Cliff House in San Francisco
06.22.03 Dylan, Sandy, David and Kara on Danielle's 30th birthday
06.21.03 Elizabeth's pictures of Danielle
06.17.03 Danielle and friends from Americorps
06.16.03 Danielle and Krista Wathne
10.24.02 DJ Diversity in her full glory
08.01.02 Portraits of Danielle
07.26.02 Danielle at Smith College
06.21.02 Danielle's San Francisco memorial service
06.20.02 Scattering Danielle's ashes at Cliff House
05.05.02 A visit with Didem and Kirsten
04.27.02 A night on the town with Kate, Susan, Joey and Mila
04.21.02 Danielle and her sibs at the hospice
04.19.02 At the hospice with David, Kara and Dylan
04.18.02 Sandy reads Danielle her emails
04.17.02 Danielle and Dylan in the Zen Hospice garden
04.16.02 Naptime with Dylan
04.15.02 David and Danielle hanging out
04.14.02 Brunch at Sandy's in Japantown
04.12.02 Yet another day at Fort Funston
04.09.02 Eating cherry pie with Jonathan Slavin
04.08.02 A boogie break with Ann Hartlaub
04.07.02 Rudy Pakravan's shower
04.06.02 Visits with Dana, Josie and Megan
03.29.02 Another afternoon at Fort Funston
03.28.02 Passover at Zen Hospice
03.27.02 Blowing bubbles with Kat
03.24.02 Sunday at Glide Church
03.20.02 A week with Jon Liss and Tami Bartlett
03.19.02 Danielle moves to Zen Hospice
03.16.02 Danielle's last days on Dolores Street
03.15.02 Brunch with friends from Smith
03.14.02 A picnic at Fort Funston
02.10.02 Maddie Schulman's visit to San Francisco
02.05.02 Danielle, Mike and Jody in New Zealand
02.04.02 Bay of Islands and a nature walk, New Zealand
02.02.02 Milford Sound, New Zealand
02.01.02 Dart River, New Zealand
01.31.02 Mike bungee jumps from the Kawarau River Bridge
01.30.02 Queenstown and Paihia, New Zealand
01.29.02 Cape Reinga, New Zealand
01.16.02 David and Danielle from playschool to high school
01.10.02 Scenes from Danielle's Americorps days
01.09.02 Danielle at Theresa and Chris Collins's wedding in 1996
12.25.01 Christmastime in San Francisco
12.17.01 Danielle checks into UCSF for her second surgery
12.15.01 Jennie Abbott's going-away party
11.07.01 Danielle's benefit at Hecky's in Evanston
11.04.01 Brown Sugar post-game dinner
10.26.01 Kirsten and Dave Campbell's wedding
07.28.01 Danielle in action at Lake Geneva
07.26.01 Danielle and Mike at Wrigley Field
06.23.01 San Francisco Pride
06.17.01 Danielle, Joey, and Mila in New York
06.09.01 Didem and Bruce Nisanci's wedding
04.15.01 Demolishing Karuna Jagger's driveway
03.31.01 Sandy's trip to San Francisco
03.05.01 Danielle and Mila in Mendocino and San Francisco
01.15.01 Danielle and Michael in Portland and Napa
01.14.01 Danielle with friends in Portland, Oregon
12.31.00 Danielle's open house in Chicago
12.30.00 David and Kara's wedding
12.26.00 Danielle through the ages in sports
12.16.00 Karuna Venter and Sarah Lightfoot visit
12.05.00 Danielle, Sarah Elliot and Jill Rubenstein
10.31.00 Dithy Morrison comes to the Castro for Halloween
11.14.00 Danielle on the beach with friends from Smith
11.11.00 Danielle, Pippa Shulman and Beth Ambrose at Cliff House
11.10.00 More pictures of Danielle, Pippa and Beth
10.09.00 Danielle and the UCSF staff post-op
10.08.00 Karuna Jaggar and the crew cut Danielle and Doug T.'s hair
10.06.00 Danielle gets by with a little help from her friends
10.05.00 Dinnertime at Kate and Susan's
06.24.99 Danielle takes the stage at Joey and Mila's wedding
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